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Trois Pensees
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    17 x 60cm
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    Photography / Watercolour

Trois Pensées

Observing a flowering plant and its blooms through the natural life cycle, especially from seed, is a wonderful opportunity to consider aspects of all life. Apart from the obvious considerations such as growth, purpose and decay, each type of flower has particular properties, structures, timelines and methods that upon close inspection and understanding have the power to altar our perspectives. In our own gardens we have the ability and even the obligation to create the ultimate conditions for each plant to thrive.

Creating the conditions for success and the intended flow is the great lesson of horticulture. I have found that working and creating with these flowers, distilling them down to their essence by disecting them, placing similar flowers side by side to emphasise their individuality, has been more about the experience than the end result. I suppose that's lesson number two.

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