RHS Shades of Autumn

Launch : Patreon Page

I am excited to be launching my Patreon page! It showcases my mixed media imaging work incorporating clay sculpture. I am delving deeper into anatomy with an eye toward creating small bronzes and more ambitious print projects. This is a journey that is going to require support and encouragement and so I am hoping you will join me in this next chapter. To view the intro and public posts, and to explore the tiers of membership, please head on over to Patreon.

Stellar Gallery : Cryptovoxels

Exhibition : Stellar Gallery : Fine Art Photography

I was invited by Victoria West, a prominent Canadian photographer in the NFT space, to show one of my sculpture-based images in the Grand Opening Show of her very own Stellar Gallery in the Cryptovoxels universe. The quality of the work, thanks to her excellent curation, was of the highest standard from Fine Art NFT Photographers around the globe. The piece I had on display was 'Legacy'. On opening night I spoke a bit about the making of it in a Twitter Space hosted by Victoria, joined by all of the other showing artists. I was skeptical that the experience could feel anything like a real gallery opening, but in fact it was in some ways better, hearing accents from the four corners of the earth, being entertained by the cryptovoxels costumes our avatars were wearing, and having real-time feedback... a great night.

RHS Spring Show

Exhibition : Royal Horticultural Society

I returned to Lawrence Hall for my second London exhibit at the Royal Horticultural Society. This was a better location on the main floor and again it was wonderful to talk to people about the imagery, sell some prints and books, and gain valuable feedback. To view a selection of the print works shown at the exhibit, please click here.

RHS Shades of Autumn

Exhibition : Royal Horticultural Society

In 2016, I had my first exhibit in London at the Royal Horticultural Society. The work was very well received and it was a great pleasure to meet so many wonderful people involved in the Society and the visitors to the Shades of Autumn show at Lawrence Hall. To view a selection of the print works shown at the exhibit, please click here.

Becoming : Transience and Transmutation
Becoming : Transience and Transmutation
Becoming : Transience and Transmutation
Becoming : Transience and Transmutation

Book Published : Becoming

Recently published, 'Becoming: Transience and Transmutation' is a hard-cover book of 60 pages, including 50 full-bleed floral images on 180 gsm premium lustre paper.

It is an exploration of the British passion for all things horticultural as well as an expression of the very conflicted relationship that we all have with the brevity of life, our definition of perfection, and what we feel transpires in the invisible spectrums as living matter takes on ever-changing forms. For an overview, click here

It is available to purchase through Blurb.

Turbulent Beuaty

Award : Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) 2015

I am very happy to announce that The Eternal Garden, a selection of works from The British Garden series, has received a SIlver in the category of Nature at PX3 2015. To view the full British Garden series, click here.

Published / Award : PX3 2015 Books : Par Ici

I have published an eBook entitled 'Par Ici : Passing Through Paris'. It is both a journal and a collection of photographic imaging works created from my wanderings in Paris when I lived there in 2007 / 2008. It is available on iTunes

Par Ici : Passing Through Paris is a collection of images that focuses on how the architecture and the streets shaped my experience of living in Paris, and the challenge of being present and feeling the history simultaneously. These images have won awards in the most respected competitions (The Lucies and PX3 Paris), and yet the highest honour for me was being complimented by Parisians on my renditions of their city, the most photographed in the world. It has received an Honourable Mention at PX3 in 2015 in the catergory of Fine Art Books. This is my invitation to pass through Paris with me. I would love to show you what lingers in my heart.

For a quick look at a few of the screens, click here

PRINT Magazine Article

This article published in PRINT Magazine is a review of the poetry and illustration book 'Is SHE Available?' by Igor Goldkind

Please see the blog entry below regarding the book which is available in various formats. The hardcover version is also available at Amazon.

Is SHE Available
Is SHE Available
Is SHE Available

Published : Image Contribution : Is SHE Available? by Igor Goldkind

In this provocative and ground breaking work written and orchestrated by Igor Goldkind, I have two images serving as illustrations for two poems. One was created specifically for the poem it represents, the other is a licensed image which I created a couple of years earlier called Ce Qui Survit. The cover is Illustrated by none other than Bill Sienkiewicz and the book itself designed by Rian Hughes.

The book is available in various formats here. The hardcover version is also available at Amazon.

Award : Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) 2014 : Les Deux Villages

Les Deux Villages, a selection of works created using my images from Paris, France and Wortley Village, Canada, has won a Bronze at Prix de la Photographie, Paris in the category of Architecture.

You can see the entire series in the mixed media imaging album here.

Exhibition : Canada : Westland Gallery

From August 20th - August 31st 2013, I was fortunate to have a varied selection of images on display at the beautiful Westland Gallery in Wortley Village London, Ontario, Canada. I am very grateful to Al and Karen Stewart of Westland Gallery and to Roland and Myra Schubert of Colour by Schubert for their generosity and support in making this happen..

Published : Flow : Clearing the Path for Creative Energy

"Flow is a book for creators and those who wish to create, regardless of medium. It explores such concepts as harnessing the power of thought, improving self-perception, working from the soul, and feeling a greater sense of purpose and connectivity. It begins with a focus on the mental work of being present, trusting in innate abilities, and making the connection between thought, emotion, the physical self and the work. There are over 20 issues addressed with the intent of helping to unblock or enhance the flow of creative energy. It is rich with mixed media images that are the personal works of the author, Wendy Farrow". For a visual overview, click here.

Flow : Clearing the Path for Creative Energy is now available on iTunes - iBooks format (iPad , iPhone, newer Macbooks) It is also available through Blurb (longer but low res preview on Blurb). Please note, upon purchasing you will find that the file is quite large at 180MB and so it may take a few minutes to download.

Exhibition : Canada : Westland Gallery

Each year in February, the Westland Gallery in London Ontario Canada has a Miniature Show. In 2014 I entered (and sold) 'At Once' at 3 x 4 inches, a 1 of 1 print, matted, signed and framed to 8 x 10 inches.

Group Exhibition : USA : iam8bit Gallery LA

I was invited by iam8bit Gallery in Los Angeles to submit an image for the Grace and Ritual exhibition, May 11th to May 26th 2013. I created Transition for the show and framed it in a slightly delapidated antique frame with museum glass. There were 47 artists in the show from around the globe.

Published : TOME

Produced by 44FLOOD of Chicago, TOME Vol. 1 Vampirism is a gorgeous collection of artwork and interviews from top names in the comics industry, including Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave McKean, Jason Shawn Alexander and many other artists who are pushing the boundaries. We were each given a brief of loosely and creatively interpreting the word Vampirism. I produced the mixed media piece, TORN, using acrylic and a technique with light which I had been developing. The figures represent both the light and dark within us as individuals and as a society and the way we sabotage ourselves and take from each other.

TOME is an oversized hardcover book of 12 x 18 inches and may still be available at the 44FLOOD shop.