Mixed Media Imaging : Floral : Studies

Butterfly Lavender Blooms
  • Print Dimensions:
    30 x 60cm
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  • In The Mix:
    Photography / Watercolour

Butterfly Lavender Blooms

After the bees have finished with gathering the nectar from the plant below, the feathery blooms of Lavandula Stoechas or Butterfly Giant Summer lavender begin to turn, showing patches of yellow and orange. They remain in this state for only an hour or so after removing them from the flower and so there was a great sense of urgency in capturing them with these exquistely subtle tones and wonderfully twisted shapes.

They are so delicate that by the next morning they will be very tiny, shrivelled, and unrecognisable. The 'stains' in behind are watercolour additions to reflect the draining away of the colour and substance of the petal at almost an observable rate.

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