Mixed Media Imaging : Figurative : Light



The environments in this figurative section were painted using acrylic on panel. The figures were created by sculpting light and then blending with watercolour paint.

I wanted to explore our physical and spiritual relationship with light, the energy that flows through us and our ever-changing physical existence, instant by instant.

TORN was one of the first images I constructed with this technique. It was created for a book called TOME Volume 1 Vampirism. TOME was produced by 44FLOOD of Chicago. It is an oversized book of 12 x 18 inches. It is a gorgeous collection of artwork and interviews from top names in the comics industry, including Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave McKean, Jason Shawn Alexander and many other artists who are pushing the boundaries. We were each given a brief of loosely and creatively interpreting the word Vampirism.The figures represent both the light and dark within us as individuals and as a society and the way we sabotage ourselves and take from each other.

The book is available through the 44FLOOD shop or you can contact me directly to purchase a limited edition 12 x 18 inch print of TORN.

  • Print Dimensions:
    30 x 47cm
  • Edition Size:
  • In The Mix:
    Acrylic / Photography / Watercolour


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