Mixed Media Imaging : Landscape : Seascape

An Ocean Away
  • Print Dimensions:
    38 x 11cm / 92 x 28cm / 122 x 37cm
  • Edition Sizes:
    25 / 09 / 09
  • In The Mix:
    Photography / Watercolour


An Ocean Away

Apart from 'Waiting' which makes use of La Seine and a Parisian sky, none of the seascapes in this album was created using photographs of sky or water. The illusions of the seascape environments were created using various combinations of paint and solid texture images. Everything is an illusion. We give either an accepted meaning or our own meaning to all that would enter our reality.

We seek new experiences, yet we need some degree of familiarity in those experiences in order to associate meaning and trigger emotional memory. What I am seeking here is the essence of the open water experience that has the ability to lift us and set us free.

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