Mixed Media Imaging : Floral : Bloom

Bloom : August 22nd. 2016

Bloom : August 22nd, 2016

The images in this album are created by compositing several oil paintings. Each painting is captured in several transitory states and each state becomes a layer in the final image. Therefore, each layer exists only momentarily but they are all created and captured within the space of a day, hence the titles. The final image becomes something of a composited time lapse. Textures are meant to suggest both the relatively small and quickly changing world of the flower, and the visually similar yet imperceptibly changing arrangements of the universe simultaneously. To see a detail of the textures, click on the image. Most of the images print up to 36 inches square. Please check the print sizes offered below.

  • Print Dimensions:
    23 x 23cm / 92 x 92cm
  • Edition Sizes:
    25 / 09
  • Medium:

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