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In Between

In Between

Having a long history of rescuing and caring for cats, I thought I would try my hand at drawing and painting them in some of their more quintessential poses. Each was drawn from a photo as a loose outline and then painted with watercolour. The backgrounds are separate watercolour textures combined digitally with the completed image of the cat.

There has always been a cat by my side as I work. They keep me in a present and loving state of mind. Even Sammi, who was by my side every day for 20 years, sits on my desk in an urn now reminding me of the joy of her company and her unconditional love despite the ups and downs of my life. When the pain of her passing subsides a bit more, I will be able to go through her photos and continue with this endeavour.

  • Print Dimensions:
    20 x 14cm
  • Edition Size:
  • In The Mix:
    Pencil / Watercolour


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